Axie #265 sold for 180 $ETH on the Axie Infinity Marketplace

2 min readNov 24, 2020


Axie 265

What an incredible sale. First, let me congratulate the buyer and the seller. The amount of $ETH transacted on this sale, equalling close to $100k USD, is admirable. Interestingly, this new buyer wanted to remain anonymous, however created a twitter account specifically for this Axie.

50 Retweets and over 200 likes on this post! Incredible! The reach that this post must have had and the amount of eyes that saw this is beneficial for the Axie community.

There is a lot of hype around this mystic, let’s dive deeper into the details of it.

First, there is a total of 19 triple mystic Axies in the game. At the initial sale, the chances of rolling a triple mystic were 0.28%. I mean these chances are very, very low. Essentially like hitting the lottery when you rolled. Not only is this a triple mystic Axie, it is the FIRST triple mystic Axie ever rolled. This is the first triple mystic in Axie History.

Second, like the tweet said this Axie is aesthetically beautiful. One of three white triple mystics, the white body allows for the mystic colors to truly pop. Candy Babylonia, Crystal Hermit, and Namek Carrot all stand out perfectly on this Axie. This is one you can stare at or frame and never get tired of looking at. Truly beautiful.

Third, the combination of moves on this Axie is fairly balanced. The total number of Axies in the game with each mystic part can be broken down as such:

Crystal Hermit: 78 Axies total (all mystics)

Namek Carrot: 67 Axies total (all mystics)

Candy Babylonia: 59 Axies total (all mystics)

As the Axie population increases these totals will likely remain unless new mystics are rolled with the outstanding AOC, which are mostly in the teams hands.

Since it is an aquatic Axie, it could possibly be used as an alternate front line tank, especially with the Crystal Hermit back part. With 100 shield, it prevents any critical attacks when played, which is beneficial as a front line tank against Ronin combos. Namek Carrot can also be used as a tank move, as it has decent shield along with an energy gain when the shield breaks. The final mystic part, Candy Babylonia, is a high shield aqua part with decent attack. The rest of the moves are pretty random. Is it a dominant PvP tank? Obviously not. But for a mystic, its pretty good.

This was a legendary sale, and I am sure not the last that we will see! Again, congrats to the new mystery Axie owner!

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